I Never Got To Live

To all the children that where never born. You were perfect and beautiful. You will never be replaced.

I have heard you talking,

Heard your dreams; heard you plan.

No one thinks I listen. That I care or understand.

No one thinks that I dream; but I can.

I have known things; felt joy and fear.

Heard the whispers of a world, so far, yet so near.

I heard when you where laughing, when you sang, when you cried.

I knew all about you, even from deep inside.

I love you, and I miss you. But can you disagree?

I knew you; but you never knew me.

I never saw your face; never felt your embrace.

All I felt was pain, the signal of alarm.

The hurt of outside forces who meant to do me harm.

No one will ever know what I was meant to be.

No one will ever see what I was meant see.

They said I didn’t know, I couldn’t feel; but they lied.

For though I never lived, I died.